DIY Bed Frame- Platform Bedframe- CHEAP BEDFRAME IDEAS!
Build your own bed frame around your platform bed. Bed frame design for beginners!

DIY NAILHEAD BED FRAME-Bedroom Makeover Part 1
Bedroom decor tips:
-Minimalist bedrooms are trending, no need to clutter the room with too much decor.
-Make your bed look crisp and clean.
-Bring in greenery.
-Hang art above the bed as a unique way to bring style to the room.
-Use throws and pillows to add cozy texture.
-Have seating at the end of the bed.
-Position a rug semi-haphazardly under the bed.


Materials used in this DIY project:
Melamine Edge Banding Tape:
Silver Nailhead Trim:
Pink Tool Kit:

Peter Lik Solice art piece:
Omni Mirrored Nightstands:
Cowhide Rug:
Antique Silver lamps with canvas shade:
Books I am reading bedside: 
Girl Code The Secret to Success, Sanity & Happiness for the Female entrepreneur :
Untethered Soul-The journey beyond yourself :

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