A Date With Lace

Skirt by GIVENCHY, Top by YIGAL, Bag by CHANEL, Shoes by JIMMY CHOO

When I wear pre-owned designer clothes, I feel a whole lot less guilty. You know that feeling after you have had a HUGE shopping spree? You obviously feel excited about all the new clothes you just bought but at the same time there is this feeling deep down in your hear; that feeling of guilt trying to poke itself out to the surface? Yeah, I get that too. That is why I choose to buy pre-owned designer clothes, because then I can focus on how much money I saved by not buying a brand new designer item.

Anyways… I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now, let’s talk about this totally chic outfit I am
wearing! If you are a regular follower of mine, then you probably know that Runway Done My Way is all about putting together amazing outfits from pre-owned designer clothing or revamping what we already have inspired by the latest designer runway shows.. This time I am wearing this white crochet lace Givenchy Pencil Skirt. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite pencil skirts I own! I paired that with a Yigal Black Sheer Lace Blouse that is off the shoulder. I really love anything off-the-shoulder, so you can probably guess how I feel about this blouse. The whole black and white combo with the lace on lace turned out to look so much better than I imagined! I felt really feminine and flirty but still classy given the length of my skirt. Anything that pins your knees together forcing you to take small steps while walking always makes you feel classic. To add a pop of color to my look, I threw on a Pink Velvet Chanel Boy Bag that tied everything together beautifully. As for the shoes, I opted for Jimmy Choo Strappy Heels which I felt went super well with my whole outfit. Good fashion tip for jazzing up a dull outfit is to add the loudest color you can possibly find as an accessory. Don’t be afraid to buy bright colored shoes this spring/summer, they are the best when you are wearing all black or all white outfits. They punch up floral dresses perfectly too. Check out this look for a visual.

That’s it for now! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Do It Yourself Expert Angela Jean, also known as the How to Hottie®, is your go to girl for fashion on a budget.  Angela’s desire to create, design, and revamp clothing started at a very young age. Raised with four sisters by a single dad, money was tight so revamping hand-me-downs on a budget was a necessity. Luckily after a few fashion flops the skill eventually came natural to Angela, and has stayed with her through the years. The struggle that she experienced in her younger years is now a skill set that she loves sharing with others, she knows it is not her grandma’s way or the pro's way, but it is HER WAY. With hundreds of Ehow.com segments under her DIY tool belt, Angela knows how to successfully explain what it takes to turn your idea into reality -

You can now find all of her fashion hacks on her youtube channel RunwayDoneMyWay or download her How-to Hottie Handbook series for fashion on the go tips where she hopes to inspire the creative side in all of you.