Young at Heart

Sweater by STELLA MCCARTNEY, Jeans by BLU, Boots by RAG & BONE


This outfit reminds me of the days of being young at heart. When did saving the world, the environment, and every animal in it become a THING? Well I can’t remember either, clearly another sign of not being that young anymore. I mean I still feel young and I think I still look great, but there is definitely some old ladies shit creeping in. To give you a few examples, I remember when I would drive with my mom in the car and she would put lotion on her elbows and hands. Yep, I am doing that one #oldladyshit. I used to get so mad when my dad would call me my sisters name by accident, I would scream, “you don’t love me” and run to my room. Yep, I do that every day with my 3 dogs #oldmanshit. 

To speed things up here is a list:

1. I make everyone wear socks in the house ( btw, I fought my stepmom on this one!)

2. No feet on the couch.

3. No feet on the wall under the bar while sitting on the barstools.

4. Gardening is something I am looking into.

5. I have experience my first skin cancer removal, smack in the middle of my chest!

Yep, just go ahead and slap the adult diapers on me now. In all seriousness though, we have to maintain a sense of youth. We have to remember to play, and laugh, and not freak out when the dog pee’s on the floor or you drop the coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor in route to the garbage. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing:)

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