Anine Bin



Pretty woman, walkin' down the street
Pretty woman the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman I don't believe you, you're not the truth
No one could look as good as you, mercy!

Mercy is right! Do I seriously look like a prostitute in this outfit? Especially walking the streets in Corona Del Mar! Well, that is exactly the reaction I got from the lady running the shop that I am standing in front of in this shot. I know it is weird to be wearing head to toe leather mid day, but c'mon now lady, we live in the land of bloggers, so can you get with it!

I mean do hookers travel with their own photographers these days? She literally came out with the most traumatized look on her face and barks, "I am trying to run a business here" as she grabs her store sign and the little dog bowl filled with water sitting on the ground for puppy passerbys. Relax lady, it's okay! Unlike the dogs that pass by, I don't bite and neither does my mini skirt.

We shuffled down a few store fronts and got the few images we needed for the boutique I was shooting for that day. It's always interesting to see how fashion choices can trigger people to be so weird. 

There is a book out called  Mind What You Wear. In the book the author claims clothing affects a person’s mental processes and perceptions. We clearly know that our clothes affect other people's impressions of us too. You can say that again! 

In the book she also claims when women are stressed, they neglect 90 percent of their wardrobe, choosing to dress up only to feel confident.

In addition to scientific research, Professor Pine said she also has tips on how to feel happier and more confident with the right clothes, explaining not only that we are what we wear, but that we become what we wear. On that note, I will be changing into the next outfit ASAP! haha


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