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The jumpsuit (and rompers alike) are an effortless route to chic, whether you're heading to a seaside fête or taking in the city skyline from a rooftop party. If you are hopeless when it comes to fashion, don't give up, try a jumpsuit!  I’ve always liked how fancy they look and how this one piece can make a complete outfit. As a dress, it’s one and done.

On that note, let me leave you with a few quick style tips.

1. Never shop for a jumpsuit online. I have modeled for years, so I know all the photography tricks. Majority of the time we have the outfit pulled at the waist and pinned in the back giving it an hourglass shape. You will quickly be discouraged and think it's your body shape when you receive your jumpsuit, and it fits like a paper bag. NOT THE CASE! Trust me girl, it looks like a paper bag on us too without the help of a photo clamp or safety pin. However, if you must buy online then be sure to have a few safety pins and a bottle of gin of your own on hand. Haha, kidding, just the safety pins. You can just as easily do the same thing we do. You will want to pin it on the inside and then wear some sort of chain or sash belt to camouflage the rouging it will create at the waist.

2. If you are wearing a wide leg jumpsuit, ALWAYS wear heels. Check out the look here on one of my old posts. A flat will quickly bring your wide leg jumpsuit look crumbling to the ground. Crash, bang, boom, do not pass go, do not collect $100!

3. If you are a virgin to the jumpsuit world, you might want to opt for a loose fitting jumpsuit to ease your way in. Loose jumpsuits that drape your figure are more flattering than tight jumpsuits. I think the jumpsuit I am wearing in this image would probably fall in the category of tight, and that it is why it is still for sale at the store.  Very few women have the perfect measurements for this style, including myself! It fit me perfectly at the waist, but truth be is not zipped up all the way in the back. I was a little busty for the proportion to the waist. Most likely the woman that would fit the chest would have to take in the waist. So just remember that before you go calling yourself fat or flat chested or say our ass is to last one is my favorite go-to when trying on clothes.

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful. 


Do It Yourself Expert Angela Jean, also known as the How to Hottie®, is your go to girl for fashion on a budget.  Angela’s desire to create, design, and revamp clothing started at a very young age. Raised with four sisters by a single dad, money was tight so revamping hand-me-downs on a budget was a necessity. Luckily after a few fashion flops the skill eventually came natural to Angela, and has stayed with her through the years. The struggle that she experienced in her younger years is now a skill set that she loves sharing with others, she knows it is not her grandma’s way or the pro's way, but it is HER WAY. With hundreds of segments under her DIY tool belt, Angela knows how to successfully explain what it takes to turn your idea into reality -

You can now find all of her fashion hacks on her youtube channel RunwayDoneMyWay or download her How-to Hottie Handbook series for fashion on the go tips where she hopes to inspire the creative side in all of you.