Dior & Valentino

Romancing Ruffles: A Date with Lace & Ruffles

Last year, designers had given us quite a horrid scare with their dreadful ruffled up creations that were too superficially dramatic to be functional in street style. There was nothing modernistic about those huge ruffles and it made complete sense when the European designer contingent decided to tone down this unappealing drama.

Vintage Glam

This season, ruffles are the essence of romantic femininity, dramatic aplomb, and vintage glamour. Designers have revamped the ridiculous ruffles into delicate delights that cover the neckline, waist line and hemlines. We must admit the effect is sensually sultry and artfully voguish. These delicate ruffles have carved themselves gigantic appeal in black tie and festive trends. This spring, you simply can’t create a stunning formal statement without the delicate drama of intricate ruffles.

This minimalistic delight of a Valentino dress is just what you need to strike all the right chords of vintage glamour with a gorgeous modernistic style added in by the delicate halter and the artful ruffles lining the neckline and the hem. The sleekly curvaceous fit is just perfect to accentuate one’s body and really flatter yourself as you show off your toned body.

I simply adore how it allows me to flaunt my beauty bones and toned arms. To top it all off, the scintillating view of my back that the halter allows me to sport to an audaciously daring hilt is a delightful catch. That’s the best thing about halters, they make our black-tie statement so breezy and effortlessly chic and, of course, very summer-friendly. After all, who wants sweat trickling down their back and mingling with their expensive perfume?

Refined Elegance

The ruffled hemline adds up to the length of this sensual dress and tones down its seductive body-hugging fit with a modestly sophisticated finish. And therefore, this drop dead gorgeous black dress is functional for any and every black tie or formal occasion. Be it a fancy wine tasting, a formal office dinner, an evening at the theatre, classical music, or perhaps, a fancy date with an old school gentleman. This dress will oomph up your glamour and give you movie-star vibes within instants.

And the best part is that between the sultry halter and the dramatic ruffles, there’s very little need for accessorizing, except a pair of shiny earlobes and a chunky sparkly bracelet. Do turn up the bling on your fingers, and seal your look with a darker than dark pout in a shade that compliments your skin tone and flatters your features.

You know what they say, you can never go wrong with a little black dress? Well, listen up girl! A little black dress with delicate ruffles is the hottest new trend on the glam radar. And when it is paired up with those massively hot lacy bow heels from Christian Dior, the effect is like a two-way trip to fashion heaven.

These chunky lacy platforms are an open-toe delight for those of us who like to amplify their glam without suffocating their poor feet. And the best part is that if you want to accentuate your height, these ankle straps will give your style statement a lovely elongated effect.


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