Dizzy Hipster

Top by STORETS, Shorts by TIBI

Dizzy hipster is right! Now I know these bell sleeves are in, but just looking at them makes me dizzy. If this is what we have to wear to be hip, then just call me the dizzy hipster. No, I haven't been drinking, I have been staring at my sleeves for too long.

In all seriousness though, bell sleeves add unexpected boho beauty to this classic white henley. If sleeves like this don't let people now how good of a personality you have without saying a word, then I don't know what does:)

If you are not ready for the commitment of this top, but want to taste the trend, then check this one out. This one is sexy, and easy for summer.

Off the shoulder, bell sleeve top

Too sexy? try this one, this one will look good on every body.

Bell Sleeve Top    

Too boring? Then try this one, this is personally one of my favorite trends. I love trends that pull from different cultures. This was clearly inspired by flamenco dancers, which is something I took up one summer. Talk about a shoulder work out, holy shitballs!

Flamenco Sleeve Bell Top   

Ciao bellas:)


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