La Femme Parisienne

Say Hello to your Inner La Femme Parisienne

Have you ever thought about that one variable or trend that makes a French girl so utterly and effortlessly chic? Come to think of it, one realizes that the style of la femme Parisienne is devoid of all trends and reigning styles because she doesn’t feel the need to keep up. Her style is eternally a la mode because all she ever aims for is to be irresistibly chic.

Be your own Style Icon

With a plain casual sweater thrown over a patterned skirt, she pulls up her hair in a messy ponytail and heads out to the street after a fresh coat of dark lipstick. This woman does not believe in going the extra mile to make herself presentable, and yet she exudes waves of confidence unlike any other woman to walk this planet.

Nailing the art of minimalistic chicness is all about pairing up the right staples, and keeping things very basic. The idea is to minimize your outfit, and cut down as much as you can to flaunt your gorgeous figure without crossing that generous threshold between sexy and vulgar, the latter is of course awfully unflattering for woman of all ages.

No one Does it Better than Chanel!

And this is why this eternally stylish monochromatic delight of an outfit by Maison de Chanel is your best pick to flaunt some minimalistic chicness. The way I see it, this cozy black sweater is a solid investment because it can be flaunted in a hundred different ways. But when you want to flaunt your long shapely legs, this grey Chanel skirt is just the right length to make you an instant head-turner on the street.

All us ladies deserve to ravish our inner goddess and flaunt our curves, without of course abandoning our refined sensibilities and elegant aura. And the best part about this color combination is the fact that it is oh-so-wearable at work! You won’t feel the least bit out of place because the colors would blend right in, brimming you with confidence as you find your way around the office, taking long steps to show off those killer legs you have!

This is just the look that you want to flaunt for a first-date, where you want to look confident and chic, without giving the impression that you’ve tried too hard to impress. You can even flaunt it for a casual dinner with your girls, a birthday lunch, or even a night of crazy club-hopping.

And paired with those drop dead gorgeous black ruffle Louboutins, and that chunky gold Chanel cuff, you can really oomph up your glamour and rock this look at just about any festive occasion. If you’re planning on flaunting your curvy legs, you must put on a pair of long and sexy heels, and we all know that it simply doesn’t get better than Louboutins! As far as I’m concerned, all women deserve to own such raw glamour in their wardrobes.

So you see ladies, minimalistic chicness is all about minimizing the layering and pairing up fabric in ways that ravishes your body, and allows you to flaunt your curves and not your clothes!

Do It Yourself Expert Angela Jean, also known as the How to Hottie®, is your go to girl for fashion on a budget.  Angela’s desire to create, design, and revamp clothing started at a very young age. Raised with four sisters by a single dad, money was tight so revamping hand-me-downs on a budget was a necessity. Luckily after a few fashion flops the skill eventually came natural to Angela, and has stayed with her through the years. The struggle that she experienced in her younger years is now a skill set that she loves sharing with others, she knows it is not her grandma’s way or the pro's way, but it is HER WAY. With hundreds of segments under her DIY tool belt, Angela knows how to successfully explain what it takes to turn your idea into reality -

You can now find all of her fashion hacks on her youtube channel RunwayDoneMyWay or download her How-to Hottie Handbook series for fashion on the go tips where she hopes to inspire the creative side in all of you.