Revamp Your Power Look

Revamp your Power Look: Flaunt a Leather Jacket to Break the Suited Monotony at Work

A leather jacket is the most versatile and functional fashion staple a woman can possibly own. It can be paired up with anything and everything in one’s wardrobe. Within seconds, it adds a racy and bold appeal to your look without having to make any extra effort to turn up the glam.

But my heart goes out to women who deprive themselves of bright-colored leather, and stick to the monotony of black jackets. Sure, we all love the Wynona Ryder inspired biker girl chicness, but there’s a great deal of glamour waiting to be flaunted, if you could only break the monotony and start experimenting around.

A Peachy Pop

This dark peach Chanel leather jacket is such a delightful splash of color to brighten up a boring monochromatic outfit without compromising the sleekness and sharpness of one’s look. It is truly your best pick to brighten up things at work, and bid adieu to those boring blazers and suits that steal away your feminine grace and make you feel boring.

I simply can’t help but adore the cropped length of this Chanel jacket. It just makes it all the more versatile as you can pair it up with dozens of outfits, be it maxi skirts, dresses, pencil skirts, or these high-waist Zac Posen pants.

The Stylish Lady-Boss

We all want to play the lady boss at work, and to make this look really work for you, we need a power style brimming with glam, sleekness, and minimalistic charm. But there’s always need to spice things up, because at the end of the day, no matter how sharp you look, an all-black or all-white outfit is a horrid monotony that deprives your style statements of so much glamour.

But then, there’s always this dilemma of overdoing one’s style statement in formal work-related setting because you simply don’t want to tarnish the seriousness exuded by your image. Listen up woman, don’t let these petty thoughts stop you from ravishing your inner goddess and stepping out in the streets with confidence. I paired up these figure hugging Zac Posen pants to calm such dilemmas and put to dust the belief that leather jackets are not a suitable work wear staple. Because of course they are!

Ultimately, it is all about the styling and layering. You can totally rock your colorful leather jackets at work if you pair them up with sleekly minimalistic pants that accentuate your waist, exactly like this high-waisted delight by Zac Posen. It’s always smart to add up some basic apparel items, like this basic white slip that has given the peach jacket a clear foundation to flaunt its colorful glam to the hilt.

Accessorizing is a very important part that can make or break this look so you really want to keep things elegantly stylish if you want the leather to work its irresistible charm. A delicate black choker will set off the raunchily bold appeal of the leather while you can turn up the bling with this chunky Chanel cuff, and a sleek pair of black Louboutins.

Never forget ladies, an insanely dominating power look is all about sharp leather apparel and black pointy-toe Louboutins!

Do It Yourself Expert Angela Jean, also known as the How to Hottie®, is your go to girl for fashion on a budget.  Angela’s desire to create, design, and revamp clothing started at a very young age. Raised with four sisters by a single dad, money was tight so revamping hand-me-downs on a budget was a necessity. Luckily after a few fashion flops the skill eventually came natural to Angela, and has stayed with her through the years. The struggle that she experienced in her younger years is now a skill set that she loves sharing with others, she knows it is not her grandma’s way or the pro's way, but it is HER WAY. With hundreds of segments under her DIY tool belt, Angela knows how to successfully explain what it takes to turn your idea into reality -

You can now find all of her fashion hacks on her youtube channel RunwayDoneMyWay or download her How-to Hottie Handbook series for fashion on the go tips where she hopes to inspire the creative side in all of you.