Street Style

Dress by OURS, Jacket by PILLIP LIM , Bag by STELLA MCCARTNEY, Sneakers by PUMA

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There are several types of sneakers and choosing the right one for you and your outfit is important. But what style should you go for? What is the right shirt to wear with sneakers? How can you pull off a classic sneaker look?

Low top sneakers are your average casual shoe but also have some practical uses. They are great for roaming around town. These types of sneakers should ideally be worn with skinny fit jeans and a casual shirt or blouse.

Slip-on sneakers are similar to low top ones, however, they lack the lace up detail and fastening. This type of sneaker is a great addition to a shorts and summer crop top get up. Why not be daring and select a pair of brightly colors ones to enhance your summer look? 

High top sneakers bring a bit more street style to your chosen outfit. An ideal garment to match to this shoe is a fashionable black blazer. Plain tops underneath and skinny fit jeans will keep a feminine image.

Converse is the most well-known make of sneaker style footwear. They are such a versatile shoe that they will match pretty much any outfit!

Ripped jeans with sneakers are hands down the best combo and every girl loves to wear them together with a loose tank top.

For those of you who know I live in black, a colorful sneaker is a great way to add contrast to your look. A bright pink or a metallic gold is right up my alley!


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