London Calling

Coat by CHLOE, Denim by R3, Sandals by VALENTINO

When you are old, whats the craziest story you will have to tell of things you have done when you were younger? My list is long, but a fun one to tell is when I flew to London for the night for a blind date. It wasn't part of the dating online trend that is happening now a days, it was simply a friend setting me up with someone she knew. I was single and had just come off tour with Julio Iglesias, so traveling wasn't a big deal to me at this point. I had relocated to LA and was oddly having a hard time meeting any quality men. I was spoiled in Miami, I had amazing man after amazing man. No offense to the american guys her in Cali., but the european and south american fella's flocking around Miami have you beat!

Back to the point,  my gf asked if I was interested in meeting someone that lived in London. I said sure, because I had only good memories of London and would love any excuse to go back. She proceeded to set up our date. At this point I still had not to even seen a picture of this guy, was solely trusting in my friend to do not steer me wrong. Once everything was set up and she told me my travel plans, I was shocked to hear I was flying in for diner and flying home the next morning bright and early. I guess it is the same as a quick coffee date to see if you have any chemistry, but DAMN thats the furthest Starbuck's I have ever traveled to.

I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot by being difficult and already complaining about my travel plans, so I put on my traveling pants and set off. At this point I had still not spoke to or seen a picture of my date. This was the blindest date I had ever been on!

I arrive in London and check into my hotel. I knew I had dinner plans and my date was to be picking me up at my hotel. Luckily, I am the kind of girl that is intellectually stimulated, so a visually displeasing man can still be fun. As long as he is intelligent, and well dressed! 

9pm rolls around and finally a knock on my door. I look in the mirror put on my best smile and open the door. On the other side of the door stood a tall, well dressed olive complectioned man. I say hi, he says nothing. He scans down my outfit and stops at my slightly bare midriff. He tips my top slightly up to flash my diamond belly ring, and says, "take that out." Well hello to you too. I oblige by trying to take it out. It had been in forever, so it wasn't budging. He then proceeds to help me! Not sure if any of you have had a pierced belly button, but it's a very odd sensation when you have to tug on it or take the earring out. Plus, men never know there own strength, so this was a very strange way to start a date, to say the least. We finally, and yes I said WE, finally got it out. He thought it looked trashy and he was about to parade me around his home town, so I can understand. We all have images to uphold and who you date is a direct reflection of you. I have never been one to take things personal, so this little bump didn't faze me at all. 

From there on out it turned out to be one of the funnest nights of my life. I felt like Cinderella who got to be a princess for the night. Knowing I was leaving super early the next morning, we decided to stay up all night. We had dinner, went to an underground VIP club and danced all night. The food, the architecture, the private driver, the music, the people, the foreign languages where dancing around me with the most beautiful accents. We ended up having a heated make out session at his place later and can I just say for someone who thought my belly ring was cheesy, you should of seen his leopard bikini brief underwear! I have to assume like anyone who thinks they might get lucky that they would put on their best undergarments, right? If this was his best, then I think I can put my belly ring back in!

I hopped on a plane bright and early and we have remained Whatsapp friends. Anytime London is calling a fond memory of my leopard lover pops into my head. 

Do It Yourself Expert Angela Jean, also known as the How to Hottie®, is your go to girl for fashion on a budget.  Angela’s desire to create, design, and revamp clothing started at a very young age. Raised with four sisters by a single dad, money was tight so revamping hand-me-downs on a budget was a necessity. Luckily after a few fashion flops the skill eventually came natural to Angela, and has stayed with her through the years. The struggle that she experienced in her younger years is now a skill set that she loves sharing with others, she knows it is not her grandma’s way or the pro's way, but it is HER WAY. With hundreds of segments under her DIY tool belt, Angela knows how to successfully explain what it takes to turn your idea into reality -

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